I. Use of the product
BKPD power surge protector is suitable for various low-voltage power distribution systems with grid voltage below 1000V and frequency 50/60Hz
Such as for post and telecommunications, railways, computer networks, electricity, meteorology, transportation, petroleum, coal, oil fields, chemical industry, etc.
Lightning protection and operation of overvoltage protection of electronic and power equipment in the field. Make the electricity of these power units (such as control
Equipment, instruments and equipment, various electrical appliances, etc.) are protected from damage caused by surge overvoltage such as lightning strikes and transient overvoltage. Guaranteed setting
Be prepared for personal safety. It is an ideal overvoltage protection equipment.

II. Working principle
BKPD is connected in parallel between the line (L/N) and the earth. Under normal operating voltage, BKPD is in a high resistance state.
When the line is open to the ground, it does not affect the normal operation of the line. The fault display window is green.
When the line has an instantaneous pulse overvoltage due to lightning or switch operation, the lightning protection module quickly turns on in nanosecond time.
The overvoltage is released to the earth. When the pulse overvoltage disappears, the lightning protection module automatically returns to a high resistance state without affecting the user supply.
Electricity. When the lightning protection module works in an overload state for a long time and heats up to a certain temperature, its performance deteriorates, and the heat sensation in the module
The protector will automatically disconnect the lightning protection module circuit to protect the work of the power circuit from being affected.

III. Main Features
1) Select high-quality varistor, reliable quality and stable performance.
2) Modular design, energized pluggable, convenient for testing or replacement.
3) Optional remote alarm device to facilitate remote monitoring.
4) Adopt temperature-controlled circuit breakage technology, double automatic protection circuit of overcurrent and overvoltage.
5) There is work and fault display, and the deterioration status is clear at a glance.
6) Large flow capacity and low residual pressure.
7) Easy installation and maintenance


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