Installation method and precautions

1) Installed in a low-voltage main (division) distribution cabinet and connected in parallel to the power supply inlet as the second-level protection of the power supply.

2) The cross-sectional area of the cables used in each port shall not be less than the requirements specified in the table. The cable should be as short and straight as possible. Thick, ground resistance: R≤4Ω.

3) The front end of the lightning protector should be connected to the appropriate fuse in series or empty. 4) The power supply must be disconnected during installation, energized operation is strictly prohibited, and the connection wire must meet the requirements.

5) After installation, insert the module into place to check whether the work is normal.

6) When the module fault display window indicates red, it means that the lightning protector has failed and should be replaced in time.

7) Lightning protector does not require special maintenance. You only need to check regularly whether its connection is loose and the status indicates whether it is normal.


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