How to use BKPD power surge protector correctly

The BKPD power surge protector is designed to address the shortcomings of conventional low-voltage surge protectors. It is a power surge protector with a unique connection method and structure. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, finance, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, light industry, communications, civil aviation, national defense, meteorology, construction and other industries. It is used to protect various types of low-voltage electrical equipment, intelligent electrical equipment and various electronic information equipment. Ideal equipment for atmospheric overvoltage and operating overvoltage, BKPD power supply surge protector has incomparable advantages compared with conventional surge protectors.

If your company needs to use equipment that can protect electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning strikes and the intrusion of operating overvoltage, it can limit atmospheric overvoltage, breaking overvoltage caused by various switches, and various operating overvoltages, for phase-to-phase As a protector that can reliably limit both overvoltage and phase-to-ground overvoltage, I recommend you use our BKPD power surge protector.


The surge protector is suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, 220V/380V power supply systems, and lightning or overvoltage protection for terminal electrical equipment.

Such as information networks, smart devices, civil buildings, etc. The maximum discharge current is 25KA.

The following are the installation methods and data we provide for reference only

Installation Precautions:

▪ The distance between the protector and the protected equipment should be as short as possible;

▪ The corners of the connection line between the protector and the protected equipment should be curved and should not be left at right angles;

▪The ground terminal of the protector, the ground terminal of the equipment and the low potential should be connected to equipotential or local equipotential, so as to avoid overvoltage (current) from entering another circuit and induction phenomenon.

Product drawings and related information are subject to the content transmitted when ordering.

Summary: Under normal circumstances, the BKPD power supply surge protector is in an extremely high resistance state and the leakage current is almost zero, thus ensuring the normal power supply of the power system. When a surge overvoltage occurs in the power system, the power surge protector immediately turns on within a nanosecond, limiting the amplitude of the overvoltage within the safe operating range of the equipment, and at the same time releasing the surge energy into the ground. . Subsequently, the surge protector quickly changes to a high-impedance state, thus not affecting the normal power supply of the power system.

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